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The idea for my business name “equine recharge” was followed by a comment from my sponsored rider Katt. After her horse had received his first ever massage, I asked her what he felt like afterwards, her comment was “Recharged! Sanji was throwing out extensions everywhere like never before. He was feeling calm, relaxed and balanced in his movement. It was amazing.”


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My little story

I was born in Lithuania, grew up in Germany and moved to the Sunshine coast 5 years ago. I am 27 years of age, and developed a passion for horses when I was only 8 years old. Growing up in Germany, I took lessons in classic dressage, but never took it any further than pleasure riding. I was more interested in the animal itself, than “just” riding. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of sitting on top of one, of my two gorgeous horses! The feeling of freedom and connection to another being!! But, I always wanted to know more, what is the horse thinking and feeling? How do they function physically and how can I communicate better with them ? How can I meet their needs? What makes them happy ? How can I make sure, they are as healthy as they can be?

It was only when I moved to Australia, that I could fulfil my childhood dream of owning my own horse. I purchased a 15 year young Standardbred mare named Tui, who has taught me everything I know about horses today. Because of her, I got very determined to find an easy way of communication with horses. And because of Tui, I also have learned a lot about nutrition as we had a number of skin and hoof issues when I first got her. During my ,,Tui journey” I have been contacted by a lady who knew Tui and also knows her last born foal. Long story short since July 2017, I now own her son 😉 His name is Remi and he has only turned 4. I am in the process of retraining him to the saddle.

My journey as a massage therapist is only young. In March 2018 I completed my certificate in equine sports massage therapy with “Equestricare”. And at the moment I am in the process of studying photonic light therapy (acupuncture). I’ll keep educating myself with courses ect. as this is my passion and I can’t get enough 🙂 I hope I will cross paths with you and your horse soon, on this journey of mine 🙂

You can book in by sending me an E-mail, Facebook message, or ringing me! I’m looking forward to meeting you and your horse ♥

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