Prevention is better than cure



About equine massage 

Who doesn’t love a massage? The great feeling, while it is being performed and the even better way you feel afterwards. Massage has a large influence of the overall well being and health of horses.

♥Sports Massage is a full body, hands-on technique and is best used as a preventative therapy.

♥With the relaxing effects massage has, it can strengthen the bond between humans and horses and promote a better relationship.

♥Massage accelerates healing processes of the body, as it increases circulation and blood flow.

♥All horses from foals to retirees and from any discipline will feel the benefits of a sports massage.

Your horse is an athlete!


When we ride our horses, we are asking a lot of them, no matter the discipline. In their natural habitat, horses graze for most of the day, and only move faster to change environment or to flee from predators. So they are not designed, by nature, to do what we ask them to, let alone carry the extra weight on their backs. We get them to run, jump and carry a saddle and our weight on top of them while doing it. Considering that, they should be treated like an athlete! Chances are, the greatest athlete you know, is probably your horse

Why your horse deserves a massage


Don’t you just want to know your horse is feeling  and performing the best possible ? Massage will make sure of that !

♥It keeps muscles supple, allowing them to be elastic and flexible and with it, reduce the possibility of injuries and increase range of motion.

♥Horses experience stress and anxiety just like we do, and massage relaxes them just as it does us, mentally and physically.

♥Massage helps to reduce pain by the release of endorphins, which are also known to elevate the mood.


More benefits of massage 

 received_10215332940577173Eliminates Toxins

Reduces stress

Rehydration of tissues

Boosting the immune system 

Improving posture

Supplies essential nutrients to muscles

Increased circulation


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